About Will Mitchell

Having first come to Belize as a child Will’s knowledge of Belize and the countries real estate is extensive. Will himself has personally invested in numerous real estate deals in Belize while helping hundreds of people find their dream investment or retirement property.

Will now shares his knowledge and experience of Belize with people curious about the emerging market, helping them make an informed and educated decision before investing.

Learn About Belize Real Estate

Research and due diligence help anyone make an informed investment, these seminars are designed to provide education on Belize and opportunities available to foreign investors.

Through these real estate investment seminars, attendees will learn about buying property in Belize, Belize market details, existing and emerging investment opportunities, retirement in Belize, the countries building codes, how to buy land, develop property, healthcare, lifestyle, how to get access to builders, architects, lawyers and much more from a Belize real estate expert.

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